While rallying in Iowa, Senator Elizabeth Warren, 70, one of the remaining Democratic contenders for the Oval Office, stirred up supporters with a new campaign strategy by introducing amendments to her favored and famous “selfie line”.

The so-called “selfie line” has long been associated with the Warren campaign. The lawmaker is well-known for hosting lengthy selfie sessions with supporters across the United States.

Netizens were apparently confused with the news, with some supporting the Warren campaign changes as a good idea and the others criticizing and mocking the new regime.

​​The Republican-controlled Senate is scheduled to conduct a final vote on the impeachment articles against US President Donald Trump on Wednesday and Senator Warren intends be on Capitol Hill at the time to implement her legislative duties.

Recent polls reportedly show a solid lead by remaining Democratic contenders is waning, and the US president currently moving into a statistical tie with former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sourse: sputniknews.com


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