Getting live Christmas trees in the United States and Canada is getting harder every year as shortages have been reported in different parts of both countries. Not only is it not easy to find a live Christmas tree anymore, it’s become more costly too.

Preparing for the most magical time of the year can be quite stressful, especially when it comes to getting presents for all your loved ones or decorating your home, but if you are still undecided about a Christmas tree – a live one, which smells good, but comes with a carpet of needles or an artificial one, which solves the needle issue, but has no festive mood – we got it all solved: a Christmas tree made of wine bottles. That is an alternative many people have opted for in recent years.

As crazy as it sounds this type of Christmas tree seems quite beautiful especially with lots of lights.

Of course there are some downsides to this alternative… Santa may think you’ve been very naughty, pets that love to play with Christmas decorations may break it down making that needle issue look like a walk in the park. Plus creating even a small-sized Christmas tree will require you to consume lots of booze, but since its Christmas time, we are sure you can handle it.

The magazine House Beautiful has provided hints on how to construct such a tree.

If you are not a fan of wine and concerned about plastic pollution, you can make a Christmas tree of plastic bottles, which looks just as good as its glass alternative.



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