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February 28, 2020, 11:05

Massive Royal Estate From Biblical Times Reportedly Discovered in Israel

Despite the important archaeological discoveries made there, the site where the estate was found is apparently expected to vanish due to the construction of a local road.A huge complex which possibly served as a...

Secrets of the Red Planet: Mystery of Mars’ Polar Ice & Atmosphere Tackled by...

The new model developed by scientists seeks to explain the peculiar nature of a layered deposit of water and ice on Mars' southern pole, which apparently contains as much CO2 as the planet's entire...

Stardust Older Than the Sun Could Force Science to Revise Knowledge of Solar System’s...

A space rock crashed into Earth in 1969, ending a journey that lasted billions of years; the Allende meteorite bears traces of incredibly ancient matter that could potentially reveal many mysteries.A new study led...

Incredible Close-Up of Our Sun Captured by World’s Largest Solar Telescope in Hawaii

New mesmerizing footage - made by the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) at the Haleakala Observatory on the Hawaiian island of Maui - shows the magnetic structure of the Earth's star in stunning...

Space Hotel? Texas-Based Company Reportedly Picked by NASA to Build Commercial Module on ISS

The new ISS annex is reportedly expected to feature a research and manufacturing facility, a crew habitat and a "large-windowed" module for viewing our planet.The International Space Station may get its first commercial hotel...

Russian Researchers Invent Super Low-Cost Cancer-Fighting Nanobots

The concept of using microscopic man-made devices for everything from cancer treatment to dislodging blood clots and treating heart disease has been around for quite some time, but only recently have doctors and scientists...

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