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December 6, 2019, 3:41

Emily Nussbaum Picks the Best TV Shows of 2019 |

Every December since I began working at The New Yorker, I’ve posted a year-end rant about Top Ten lists. I’d try to find a fresh way in but, inevitably, I’d find myself fuming about...

The Best Jokes of 2019 |

The best joke of the year wasn’t told by a comedian. And it’s only kind of funny. It goes like this: on New Year’s Day, Netflix released “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” introducing to...

Outside Voices |

We had a town house, but we weren’t allowed to touch it. I had to be lifted up by the armpits to peer inside. The brick façade appeared to be cut from a single sheet, but,...

Mike Sabath, the Teen-Age Hitmaker from Westchester County |

When Mike Sabath flew from New York to Los Angeles earlier this year, he checked a bag containing a few changes of clothes, some microphone filters, and his A.P. calculus textbook, “just in case...

Building the Worlds of His Dark Materials |

This time of year, Gordon Square, in the Bloomsbury neighborhood of London, is covered in pale yellow and red leaves, which obscure the park’s walkways and its dying grassy patches and dot a half-dozen...

The Best Music of 2019 and the Best Music of the Decade |

For those whose musical proclivities tend to line up with their emotional states, poring over a year (or a decade!) of listening can feel like a precise and intimate kind of self-interrogation. In 2015,...

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